The Power of Letting Go: Insights on Life + Death

In this week's episode, Join Dr. Satyavani and Prajna Madhavi on the Woman Warrior Podcast as they explore the transformative power of the Anandamaya Kosha, the bliss layer of existence, and the importance of embracing death. In this enlightening episode, they discuss personal experiences with grief, the significance of real-life connections, and how understanding death can bring profound joy and liberation. Plus, learn about the Woman Warrior Academy's new membership community to find like minded Women and how to live a life of purpose through Ayurveda, yoga, and spirituality.

Introducing the Woman Warrior Podcast: Embrace Change + Empowerment

Welcome to the newly rebranded Woman Warrior Podcast with hosts Dr. Satyavani and Prajna Madhavi! In this episode, we dive into the pivotal decision to rename the podcast from the 'Ayurvedic Woman' to the 'Woman Warrior', and how this transformation aligns with our mission of empowering women through Ayurveda, yoga, spirituality, and fitness. We discuss the importance of putting yourself first, the evolution of female friendships, and the courage required to live a life of purpose. Join us as we celebrate this exciting change and share insights on how to practically apply Vedic sciences in everyday life. Stay tuned for inspiring stories, local female-run business highlights, and much more. Jai Bhagwan!

The Ultimate Guide To Women's Self-Defense With Ayurveda, Yoga + Spirituality

Welcome to this empowering episode of The Ayurvedic Woman with your host, Dr. Satyavani, alongside co-host Prajna Madhavi. In this captivating conversation, we delve into the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern empowerment strategies, bringing together Ayurveda, yoga, spirituality, fitness, and self-defense. Joining us are esteemed guests and representatives from Krav Maga Experts, as we embark on a journey of holistic empowerment tailored specifically for women. We explore the transformative power of Krav Maga, diving deep into the Fierce Like a Girl initiative, and uncovering how this martial art transcends physical defense to cultivate personal growth and resilience. Discover the art of developing awareness and intuition for safety, as we shine a light on Women's Self Defense seminars and the myriad of classes and private sessions available to women seeking empowerment and protection. But that's not all - we unveil the groundbreaking Woman Warrior Academy Online Circle Community, a revolutionary platform offering resources on Ayurveda, empowerment, and leadership, inviting women from all walks of life to join a supportive community dedicated to holistic growth and shared wisdom. Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and equipped with the tools to harness your inner strength. Join us as we redefine empowerment and pave the way for a future where every woman stands tall, confident, and fiercely empowered. Tune in now and embark on your journey to empowerment!

Embracing Transformation + Nurturing Your Inner Artist With Ayurveda

Unleash your creativity and transform your life! In this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman Podcast, Dr. Satyavani and co-host Prajna Madhavi dive deep into personal growth, including the importance of choosing your friends wisely and the revolutionary act of putting yourself first for holistic well-being. They discuss the tangible impact of our environments on daily wellness and how to navigate seasonal changes. The conversation explores the concept of the Manomaya Kosha, or the mind sheath, highlighting the battle between the ego and intuitive cosmic intelligence within. They offer insights on overcoming the constant mind chatter that leads to unnecessary worry and the art of embracing transformation. But how do you actually nurture your inner artist? Dr. Satyavani and Prajna Madhavi emphasize the power of intuition, creativity, and engaging in artistic activities for a fulfilling life and discuss the upcoming launch of a new online community you can join that can offer a space for artistic expression, career and personal enrichment, and a collective journey towards holistic well-being. We hope you enjoy!

How To Unleash Your Inner Warrior By Building A Life Fueled By Purpose + Ayurveda

In this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman Podcast, hosts Dr. Satyavani and Prajna Madhavi discuss the importance of choosing your circle wisely and practicing self-care by putting yourself first. They emphasize how your environment and the people you surround yourself with directly influence who you become. The episode also highlights their new podcast studio in Boise and extends an invitation to local listeners interested in recording podcasts. The discussion transitions into energy bodies, specifically the Pranamaya Kasha, and the necessity of proactive energy management to foster wellness. Additionally, they touch upon coping with personal loss and dedicating their pursuits in honor of loved ones. The hosts also discuss the upcoming Woman Warrior Academy online circle, aiming to guide women towards a purposeful life through various practices including yoga, meditation, and proper nutrition. A wellness check-in with each other and their experiences with managing energy, diet, and their professional environments provides personal insights into living a balanced life. The episode concludes with a reminder of the transformative power of fire in personal growth and development, urging listeners to be mindful of how they expend their energy and to cultivate beneficial relationships.

The Evolution of The Ayurvedic Woman Podcast: New Studio, Wellness Checks, + Building Community

Welcome back friends! In this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman Podcast, hosts Dr. Satyavani and Prajna share their excitement about moving into a new recording studio in Boise, Idaho, symbolizing their commitment to taking the podcast to the next level. They emphasize the importance of building a supportive community, both online and offline, to foster resilience and purpose, especially among women. The episode covers their personal wellness journeys, experiences with fitness, and the role of nature in mental and physical health. Listen as they discuss the challenges facing young women today, including the impact of social media on self-esteem and reality perception, advocating for building resilience and a sense of community to combat these issues. Finally, stay tuned as Dr. Satyavani and Prajna start to introduce their plans to launch a new online community through the Woman Warrior Academy to support women in living purposeful lives and announces a special offer regarding Dr.Satyavani's book for members who join the community.

What's Your Body's Purpose?

We tend to take for granted the physical body and just drag it through life with no purpose or mission. Why? Why not have a purpose and mission with your body like all other aspects of your life and layers of your self.
In this episode, Dr. Satyavani + Prajna Madhavi discuss the importance of having a purpose for your Annamaya Kosha - your physical, food body sheath - and how that will help you in living a life of purpose.

A Year of Purpose - 2024

Welcome to 2024 - Your Year of Purpose!
In this episode Dr. Satyavani + Prajna Madhavi talk about setting yourself up to live 2024 with acute focus. They discuss how they will be focusing each quarter on a different aspect of purpose to get you to where you want to be by the end of the year.
Q1: Establishing Your Purpose
Q2: Building Your Purpose Q3: Manifesting Your Purpose
Q4: Living Your Purpose
Podcast guests and discussion will be around this topic and how the Vedic Sciences help shape your direction in life on all levels of the self: physical, energetic, mental-emotional, consciousness + spiritual.
Buckle Up! It's going to be a great year!
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