Take The Gloves Off Gals - It's Time To Learn Krav Maga

In this episode of The Ayurvedic Woman Podcast, Dr. Satyavani and Prajna Madhavi interview Expert Instructor August Ritter of Krav Maga Experts on the benefits of self-defense for women from a mind-body-spirit + safety approach. Want to learn how to #beabadass gals? Take a listen - your life depends on it.

Health Is YOUR Responsibility - An Interview With Tanner Shuck

If you don't know who Tanner Shuck is you need to.
Tanner is a DFC Fitness Champ with over 20 years of experience in the strength & conditioning world. He is also a CrossFit Competitor and a no-nonsense guy that has a very direct message about your health and wellness. With over 200K followers on Instagram and YouTube he is empowering people to take charge of their health and to stop being victims by asking the right questions and doing the right things.
On this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman Podcast, Dr. Satyavani + Prajna Madhavi catch up with Tanner to find out more about his mission and how that can support women in living their best lives.

The Woman Warrior Series - Interview With Christine Soza - The "Death" Walker

From the moment we are born we are dying. Why don't we talk about this in our culture and prepare people gracefully for the process that all of us are subject to. In this podcast, Dr. Satyavani + Prajna Madhavi interview Christine Soza, a Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Hospice Nurse and Death Walker about her work in helping people transition their souls to the other side.

Rack Your Weights Gals - It's Fit Body Bootcamp Time.

In this episode of The Ayurvedic Woman Podcast, Dr. Satyavani and co-host Prajna Madhavi interview Rich Havens and Jeanne Fisher of Fit Body Bootcamp here in Boise, ID. Founded by Bedros Keuilian, this revolutionary 30-minute HIIT-centered workout has a clear mission, vision, and focus on helping folks get healthy in their bodies so it trickles out to all aspects of their lives. This is no ordinary gym AND boy is it fun! Watch and listen to find out how FBBC an empower you to become the woman warrior you are meant to be.

The Woman Warrior Series - Interview With Lori Ice Fetrick From American Gladiators

Lori "Ice" Fetrick is no ordinary Woman Warrior - she is an OG Gladiator from the original TV series American Gladiators.
In this interview, Dr. Satyavani + Prajna Madhavi ask in-depth questions about what it was like to be a gladiator as a woman and what that has represented for her today.
You're not going to want to miss this.


What is your definition of mediocrity?
How do you balance the idea and reality of mediocrity with perfectionism?
On this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman Podcast Dr. Satyavani + Prajna Madhavi riff on what they see as mediocrity in society and then apply it to the Kapha Principle of imbalance in Ayurveda to shed light on how this mental attitude can create an imbalance to one's health.

Mental Toughness: The Vedic Way

What IS mental toughness and how is it described through the lens of Ayurveda, Yoga, Spirituality + Fitness?
Mental toughness is a MUST. It's that plain and simple.
Why? Without it you can not achieve the things you want to achieve. You also will be so easily swayed to the whims of what the world wants you to do or expects you to do - usually things not in your best interest.
In this episode, Dr. Satyavani + Prajna Madhavi take you down the Mental Toughness road while also sharing personal experiences and what it takes to truly be a Woman Warrior.

Bullshit Vampires

"Good luck with that bullshit."
How many of you have heard this statement when you are working on improving yourself and others feel threatened or jealous?
On this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman podcast, Dr. Satyavani and Prajna Madhavi explore this behavior and explain why you should just give it the finger.

The Importance of Momentum

In this episode Dr. Satyavani and Prajna Madhavi discuss momentum in life as a key component for living well and success in any life task. The Vedas teach us about momentum and how it plays out in our daily physical and energetic life. You have to have momentum in order to see where you are moving forward and where you may be declining. Also, they discuss how you should never let anyone fuck up your momentum.

Leading By Example

In this episode Dr. Satyavani + co-host Prajna Madhavi talk about what leading by example actually means and how it applies to the karmic term Vasana, meaning "smell."

They also discuss their experience in India and Nepal this past month and how the food and the atmosphere are more supportive of the body, mind and spirit than what is consumed in the U.S.

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