Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass - Maria N.

Meet Maria - veteran, musician, tech geek, member of the LGBTQ community and one of the most inspiring women I have met. Having grown up in Philadelphia, PA, Maria talks about moving from her Catholic roots into spirituality through the unfolding of yoga. This experience was so transformative that she has now written her first screenplay, Yogini. You're going to want to hear about this.

Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass - Ali R.

One of the hardest jobs a woman can do is be a mother. On this episode we speak with Ali Roper and how as a single mother for most of her life raised her children with Ayurvedic and Yogic principles to help contribute to the world. Her work as a mother lead into intuitive body work and now the practice of Panchakarma. Learn how all of these elements come together and act as guiding principles for a full life for this extraordinary woman.      

Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass - Kristie W.

A structural engineer, mathematician and extreme athlete - this is Kristie W. She then discovers after 14 years of doing design work in major urban settings that she takes her first yoga class and is hooked. Her whole life changes in that first 80-minute class and her journey to becoming a top-notch yoga teacher and inspiring personal trainer begins. This is the story of a woman that is changing bodies and lives one structure at a time.

Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass - Devapriya S.

Food sobriety = empowerment. In this episode we speak with Devapriya, an Acharya, a foodie, a witch and a body ecologist through permaculture. This woman knows how to make tools and create tools that will change how you view the food you put into your body and redefine what the sacred really is.

Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass - Michelle B.

Doing her dharma through the "photography as her tool" has moved Michelle Bliss' work from art to purpose. Her medium may be the camera but there is so much more behind the shutter. Listen in on how her work has blended the principles of yoga, Ayurveda and art into a life of full embodiment that has allowed for her to be an agent of change.

Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass - Magnolia Z.

Do you want to know what it's like to be one of only 16 women in the world granted certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga straight from K. Pattabhi Jois? Want to know what it is like to then find out what a sexual predator in that world is like and to ultimately leave what you dedicated your life to? Magnolia Zuniga is NO JOKE. A feminist and activist on the other side of the #metoo movement.

Who Is The Ayurvedic Woman?

As we open for Season 5, the Ayurvedic Woman Podcast is starting out of the gate with a series called: Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass. An Ayurvedic woman is living her life’s purpose, her dharma and you can see it on every square inch of her physical form and feel it in every square inch of her soul - the space of her true consciousness. She knows what she is supposed to do and is going to do it regardless of what anybody thinks because she knows that if she doesn’t she might as well be dead. She has a power and presence that is fierce, focused and full of love because she is in her flow. In the coming weeks and months you are going to hear from some amazing women that embody purpose and all of its beauty. You're not going to want to miss this.

The Path of the Kshatriya - Part 2

What makes the warrior unique? In this podcast Dr. Satyavani explains the path of the Kshatriya through the modes of material nature- the gunas.

The Path of the Kshatriya - Part 1

What is a Kshatriya and do any of them exist in our society today? In this episode, Dr. Satyavani introduces the notion of the warrior and how being on the spiritual and Ayurvedic path requires this kind of mindset.

The Sadhana of Food - Part 4

In this episode Dr. Satyavani wraps up her thoughts on important rituals one can practice in order to maintain a healthy relationship between your digestion and your life giving food.
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