What Is The Woman Warrior Circle?

The Woman Warrior circle is an online membership circle that provides support to all women wanting to be their most authentic self and live their best life. Engage in topics that range from physical health to financial empowerment with experts in the field of Ayurveda, Yoga + Spiritual practice as well as with peers to explore new ways of being in the world.

How is this done? How do I get involved?
The Woman Warrior online circle provides resources, education, monthly empowerment talks on hot + important topics as well as authentic connection with other women around the world interested in changing their lives though these Vedic practices.

This is a great way to "dip your toe" into these ancient and time-tested healing modalities that will truly transform your life for the better and on all levels of your being.

How do I do that?
Join the online community today as a member of the Online Circle for just $25/mo. Cancel at any time.

What if I want more?
Register for Level 2 and come together with other women that are seeking authenticity, community and profound knowledge that will empower health on all levels of your life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Join the Community

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