Personal Training

Personal Training at The Woman Warrior Academy is unlike any other health and wellness program. We are woman-centered and base our training on your personal constitution, strength, power, dis-ease patterns, + long-term goals. We emphasize the importance of having a purpose for your physical body and how that purpose is in direct relationship with all other aspects of the multi-dimensional self - energy, mental-emotional patterns, level of awareness, + spiritual connection. Personal training is the gateway to confidence, endurance, awareness, and cultivating that woman warrior spirit inside each of us. Our trainers work as a team to deliver a holistic experience for you that includes:

  • A constitutional assessment that determines your body "type."
  • A nutritional food map that supports your body's constitution.
  • A daily routine that supports your health + fitness goals + assists in stress management and life balance.
  • A full Ayurvedic assessment to determine imbalances and dis-ease patterns to be considered with your training (Optional).
  • Meal planning, food prep, and meal delivery from our holistic fitness chefs (Optional).

If you are interested in taking your life to the next level we are here to help you make it happen. We also know that things take time so commitment and dedication are what we deliver in exchange for your equal effort. We are in it for the long-run because we know there is no such thing as an overnight transformation.

Come train with us and change your life.

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Short Courses

Explore the Woman Warrior Academy Short Courses. Become your most authentic self and live your best life through these online and in-person sessions that range from 1-5 days. These courses include opportunities to transform, gain inspiration, and connect with other women while learning principles that can be applied to your life immediately. Enjoy everything from mobility, yoga, strength training and meditation practices, Ayurvedic cooking, and a variety of other transformational topics but most importantly, learn more about yourself.

Ayurveda 108

The Ayurveda 108 is a 108-day program for women that want to step into their power and live their best life authentically. Transforming your pain to power is a process and great care must be taken – diligence is required. This is where goals become vision and vision becomes lifestyle.

These Shakti Steps will take you through a process of transformation on the level of the mind, the body, and the soul by engaging in eight simple activities per day that cover your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Read the book. Join the program.

Next session begins: August 28, 2023.

The Book: From Pain to Power

Becoming a Woman Warrior through your biggest struggles and most challenging times.

A new book by Dr. Satyavani Gayatri available from Amazon!

An Ayurvedic Woman Program Testimonial

Learn about Prajna's Ayurvedic Woman Program experience.

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Level 3

12 Months

Level 3 is the path of the Ksatriya (the path of the warrior) and learning advanced skills based on Vedic principles that establishes a lifelong approach to living daily through a code of ethics. The path of the woman warrior is seeing what is as it is and being unbreakable, courageous, determined, compassionate and fully embracing of one’s infinity, eternity and wholeness in order to contribute to society in an advanced spiritual way. The woman warrior becomes the example in the world.

In today’s world, women play many roles – professional, mother, sister, daughter, wife, partner, care-giver and friend. These roles create expectations of women that are often unrealistic, imbalanced and can distract us from knowing who we truly are and what our purpose is.

AWP Level 3 online space is limited to 24 women. AWP Level 3 in-person space is limited to 12 women.

Level 2

15 months

Level 2 continues the inquiry with a re-framing and a leveling up of the key life questions as a path toward becoming an Acharya (spiritual teacher). Women do a deep-dive into answering:

Who Am I Becoming?
How Do I Express My Dharma?
How Do I Become Bliss?

In Level 2 Vedic principles are examined in a more profound way + through the lineage teachings of Swami Kriplau. Three retreats are part of Level 2 and Acharya Initiation is given at the second retreat. Level 2 is about taking the knowledge and stepping into the role of a spiritual teacher.  

AWP Level 2 online space is limited to 24 women. AWP Level 2 in-person space is limited to 12 women.

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